Havey Hall

Havey Hall

Designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson, Havey Hall houses 117 students and a residence life professional. All rooms in Havey Hall are double-occupancy with the exception of a few three-person suites and two four-person suites. The ground floor of Havey Hall contains laundry facilities and a large lounge featuring kitchen facilities, a big-screen TV and a pool table. Student mailboxes are also located on the ground floor. Seven resident assistants live in Havey Hall. Havey Hall is on Seton Hill's main hilltop campus.

Room Features

  • Furniture in a double-occupancy room includes: 2 desks with chairs, 2 beds with mattresses, 2 closets, 2 dressers, 2 sets of shelves & 1 sink.
  • Furniture in a triple-occupancy suite includes: 3 desks with chairs, 3 beds with mattresses, a wardrobe, 3 dressers, and its own bathroom/shower facilities.
  • Furniture in a four-person suite includes: 4 desks with chairs, 4 beds with mattresses, wardrobes, and dressers.
  • Room dimensions: 9'9" x 17'
  • Closet dimensions: 23" x 23" x 67"
  • Drawer dimensions: 21" x 21" x 16"
  • Storage dimensions: 23" x 23" x 24"
  • Under bed height: 29"
  • Mattress dimensions: 36" wide x 84" long
  • Room Height: 100"
  • Window dimensions: 136" x 68"
  • Window dimensions for a fan: 38" wide x 32" high
  • Desk dimensions: approximately 24" x 42" x 30"
  • Sink Area dimensions: 31” x 21” x 45”
  • Shelves on wall dimensions: 36” x 27.5” (3 total)

Hall Features

  • Free wireless access.
  • Student mailboxes.
  • Wireless printer access.
  • The ground floor of Havey Hall contains laundry facilities and a large lounge, featuring kitchen and recreational facilities and a big screen TV. 
  • Student ID Card security access.
  • Resident Assistants available for safety, comfort, and community building on each floor.

Hall Contact Information

Josef Schatz
Area Coordinator
Office: Lowe 108
(724) 830-1039

Need More Information?

If you are a new or prospective student, please contact the Office of Admissions at admit@0stv6.com or (724) 838-4281.

If you are a currently enrolled student with questions about residence halls or meal plans, please contact the Office of Residence & Commuter Life by email: reslife@0stv6.com, or call (724) 838-4213 (between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) To contact this office after office hours, please call Campus Police at (724) 830-4999.